”How do you spell Geologist?” Job Center

Never a good sign when the admin girl at the job center doesn’t know what you do. I am sure she will get familiar with the number of Geo’s out of work on the increase.

It wasn’t long ago a friend told me of him mentioning the G word at his mortgage application the clerk quipped that he should remember him when he had made his millions.



”So when did you finish at McDonalds?”

These were the immortal words uttered by our interviewer. I use the term loosely as he was one of the sorters who was earning the equivalent of an 8-hr shift for checking our forms. He was reviewing the CV of one of the other candidates who turned up with his national insurance scribbled on a piece of paper.

So to backtrack I found myself in the mail sorting office a drab warehouse on the far side of town. All this was a far cry from delivering presentations to some of the largest companies in the world. It was the reality of redundancy. A word which I had hitherto had trouble spelling. (Plenty of practice with it now)

So these two graphs tell the story a dramatic drop off in oil prices and with that my job prospects.


Ok so lets take a look at the previous years:


I entered the industry is 2010 fresh out of university before embarking on the got to job for Geology graduates Mudlogging.

It wasn’t long before we were packed off to (Libya) hmm bad idea¬†Gabon where 6 weeks in the jungle and rice/fish, fish/rice for $30/day was our reward.

Riding the wave of $100/bbl oil I headed to Aberdeen to work in software support and then back to the rigs as a  Geologist.

All this came to and end in early 2016 when the oil price dropping like a stone took me and many of my friends out of the Game….


The oil price better pick up soon. I’m missing wheeler dealers.